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125 Road Legal Supermoto Bikes for Sale

I have a fantastic `08 Yamaha WR250X Super Moto bike for sale. It works well, is excellent at gasoline and is a lot of fun to drive. It`s a 6-speed, so it handles the highway well. Perfect for commuting or hiking. Recently replaced chain and sprocket Improved gel cell heatingFF head FMF head sliding on exhaust that makes it sound amazingRear Fender Eliminator with bright LED taillight and built-in turn signalsI`m sad to see this bike go, but I`m a motivated salesman and will consider all reasonable offers. Ask for $3649 or the best deal. Winding mountain roads don`t look like that – they also have a viper nature, you know? They make you feel safe, only to have fun along hidden coils just a second later. You can only win if you have a light weight. Sharp and precise, the 950 Supermoto transmits its return directly to the rider – pulling the poisoned teeth of the coils will be a pleasure. Supermoto has been around for some time, and there are many manufacturers that make Supermoto motorcycles. Here are some of the most well-known manufacturers of Supermoto motorcycles: Supermoto is a motorcycle racing style that is a combination of road bike racing and dirt bike that has its own events.

Supermoto motorcycles are lightweight and maneuverable and designed for off-road driving. This rugged sport has been around for decades and you can find a cheap used Supermoto on eBay. 2006 KTM 950 Supermoto Black, KTM 950 SM used (Supermoto) in very good condition for $ 6999. Winding mountain roads don`t look – they also have a viper nature, you know? They make you feel safe, only to have fun along hidden coils just a second later. You can only win if you have a light weight. Sharp and precise, the 950 Supermoto transmits its return directly to the rider – pulling the poisoned teeth of the coils will be a pleasure. Thank you for shopping with Surdyke Yamaha. We`ve been in business for over 40 years and have served and sold more powersports customers than any other retailer in the Midwest. At Surdyke Yamaha, “You ride on our reputation” is not only the slogan of our company, but also the basis we cling to. Whether on the water, on the road or on land.

If it has wheels or floats, we sell and drive it!!! Our Surdyke family is the #1 Yamaha dealer in the Midwest, not because we attract customers, but because we make friends!! Of course, we do not charge VAT. Our standard administration fee of $125.00 will be added to the price. We are happy to accept exchanges or purchase your device directly. Financing is possible with an approved loan. Prices are subject to change. While we strive to provide accurate and up-to-date information in all of our offerings, our offerings often use factory photos and online specifications, and errors occur occasionally. We recommend that you personally inspect and demonstrate your device before purchasing it. Be sure to mention that you have seen it on THIS website to get the lowest possible price! [uoffrd] Due to the special differences that Supermoto motorcycles have, such as larger sports tires and stronger brakes, these bikes are intended for racing on special Supermoto tracks. You can ride your Supermoto motorcycle in any Supermoto race and also in motocross races if allowed. Supermoto races are usually not limited to engine size, but motocross races are set to certain types of engines, such as races for the 150, 250 and 450 classes. Yamaha WR450F Supermoto 2003. Excel wheels, Excel hubs, Talon sprockets (I have 14, 15 and 16 gears for the front and 42 and 48 teeth for the rear.

All are in good condition or in perfect condition) Air filter without work, Eibach rear spring, triple Emig Racing clamps and handlebar support, Seat Concepts comfort seat, Avon Distanzia tires (50%), Acherbis headlights (very bright), BraKing front rotor, UFO YZ450 rear wing, TTR125 front wing, complete Yoshimura exhaust, new Trailtech Vapor digital gauge in the box, not installed. The bike is in excellent condition. It starts and works very well, even when it`s hot. Carb has a No. 50 pilot jet and O-Ring Mod has been performed. In the photos, half of the bike is wrapped in a vinyl graphic and the other half is not. I wrap the vehicles professionally and I have the slide for the other side that I will install for free if you wish, otherwise I can remove the half that is there. I also have a spare tank and the original seat cover. Call me or you have questions. My name is Dan (904)610-9007. Absolutely no disappointment. No leaks and in VERY good condition.

Motocross motorcycles are specially designed for motocross races that take place on unpaved tracks. They are fast and lightweight with a hard suspension. Their highest speed is usually the fourth gear. Supermoto motorcycles are designed for races that combine three types of tracks: a flat track course, a motocross course and a road course. The biggest differences between these two types of motorcycles are the 17-inch wheels with sports tires with pre-cut slicks and the oversized front rotor braking. Supermoto motorcycles are designed for dirt racing at lower speeds than some other types of motorcycle racing. As a result, the engines should provide more controlled power. Supermoto bike motors can range from a 450cc engine to a 980cc or higher engine. An L-twin engine with eight valves and 937 cc and fuel injection, which offers 113 hp and 72.2 pounds of torque, is an example of a larger engine. These engines are usually single-cylinder four-stroke engines.

You can find Supermoto motorcycles produced directly by the manufacturer as such, such as new and used Yamaha Supermotos, or you can also find Supermoto motorcycles that have been modified from other types of off-road motorcycles. These modified bikes are often fan favorites and have special features. For sale, I still have a Yamaha WR450 from 2011, which has been professionally converted into a WR450 SuperMoto with road homologation. The bike was bought by me outside the showroom in mid-2013. The bike also includes the best of everything.